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Commercial Advertising Package

Commercial advertising in Highland Direct adds six useful enhancements to the promotional effort. They include:

  1. being listed under multiple Categories (no limit - but must relate to the business activities)
  2. your business details are highlighted in a yellow background panel to make them stand out.
  3. in addition to name, address, telephone - they include a summary of your business activities, email and website address/links.
  4. when commercial ads are listed along with free entries, the commercial ads are placed at the top of the page, while the free ones drop to the bottom.
  5. the provision of a 'flyer page'. This is a single page, designed to suit your business and formatted to print out on an A4 sheet.
  6. your business logo (if you supply one) appears in the right-hand column above the Google ads. when your entry is being displayed.

*We reserve the right to decline requests to include any proposed entry.

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